Scripture Reflections for the Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

Year A, Lectionary 121

God's judgment and decisions are inscrutable. God allows us to be stewards and have positions of power but we must continuously be grateful and understand where those privileges and gifts come from. As long as we recognize God, God's glory, and God's grace bestowed upon us we can be faithful servants administering God's work in this world. Yet, in moving away from God we will fall and fail in our ministries by abusing our positions and no longer serving God but ourselves.

Hate feeling lost on Sundays at church? Searching for a better explanation of the Bible than what you hear from your pastor's sermon? Check out the following collection of audio, video, and text commentaries from various Christian experts for a better understanding of today's scripture that deal with: AuthorityCaesarea PhilippiCallChoiceChurchDivineEvangelizeExperienceFaithFreedomGraceHellHesedHistoryHumilityIdentityInscrutableKeyKeysMessiahMinistryMysteryPeterPopePowerRelationshipRepentResurrectionRevelationRockShebnaSinSt. AugustineSt. MonicaSt. Teresa of CalcuttaStewardTransformationTrustUnderstandWorryWorship

Isaiah 22:19-23
Psalm 138:1-3, 6, 8
Matthew 16:13-20

“They want to have an experience of Jesus, the one we claim to know, the one we claim to believe in...For if the world does not know Jesus it is my fault and if you are baptized and you're listening to me now it is your fault. The world wants to experience Jesus in us.”

Fr. Emmanuel Ochigbo | August 21, 2023

“we never give up on Christ's power to redeem us, to forgive us. We never give up on his mercy and on his love and so the gates of hell cannot prevail against us.”

Holy Name of Jesus Church & Loyola Ministry | "The Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail" | Fr. Mark E. Thibodeaux, SJ | August 27, 2023

“We don't always feel ready for what we're being called to but that's not ours to worry about. I can just picture Jesus looking right into Peter's eyes and saying you are enough Peter because you are mine. All we need to do is take that courageous first step into his grace trusting who he is.”

Catholic Women Preach | Mary Margaret Schroeder | August 27, 2023

“This gospel therefore gives us room to recognize and celebrate other disciples past and present who are authorities in faith for us. They may not be in positions of authority...but they are individuals whose lives accurately attest to Jesus as the Christ, Son of the living God.”

Catholic Women Preach | Elyse Raby | July 29, 2020

“if the definition of god, with a small 'g', is that which we dedicate our whole lives to, do we always make that choice every day of our lives?...If a god is the very thing that we dedicate our lives to is that where our attention is always drawn?”

Holy Name of Jesus Church & Loyola Ministry | Fr. Mark E. Thibodeaux, SJ | August 23, 2020

“Jesus was teaching Peter that the true way of authority is not exercising power over others but giving of oneself so that others may flourish”

Catholic Women Preach | Catherine Mooney | August 27, 2017

“How many times in our lives has Jesus given us an opportunity to not only say who we think he is but to show the world who we really believe he is?”

Fr. Tony Ricard | August 27, 2023

“It is not enough to get it right, it is important to know the source of your getting it right. It is also important to be sure that you remain connected to the source of your getting it right. So when you are successful know where your success comes from and remain connected to that source.”

Fr. Emmanuel Ochigbo | August 22, 2020
Overall Readings

“The glory and power of this messiah will be manifested not through military might but through the cross”

"Who do you say I am?" | Fr. Geoffrey Plant | August 21, 2023

“This is something established by Jesus himself on Peter as the foundation stone of his church and it reveals to us that the papacy, far from being a medieval invention, is something that is thoroughly rooted in Judaism and thoroughly rooted in the will and the intention of Jesus himself”

Catholic Productions | "The Papacy" | Brant Pitre | August 17, 2020

“when you and I become entrenched by lots of other things, it's not that other things are bad but we have to have the discernment to be able to figure out what other things transform us and what other things enslave us”

UACatholic | Fr. John Paul Forté, OP | August 23, 2020

“are we going to use the gifts we have received, the power that we have to either build a monument to ourselves or to bring people into the kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”

St. Teresa of Avila - DC | Monsignor Raymond East | August 22, 2020

“Who is Jesus to you? Is he the one you go to and then if he doesn't answer you in a microwave minute you get mad at him? Is Jesus the one who you set a little time aside on Sunday morning and then the rest of the Lord's day is your day? Or is Jesus the center of your life? Is he your joy?”

St. Teresa of Avila - DC | Monsignor Raymond East | August 27, 2023