Scripture Reflections for the Baptism of the Lord

Year B, Lectionary 21

John the Baptist was baptizing with water but then God came and divinized the water. Because of Jesus we enter into the divine during our baptism. Just as Jesus entered into our humanity at his incarnation, during our baptism we are able to enter into the divine and become sons and daughters of God.

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Isaiah 55:1-11 or
Isaiah 42:1-4, 6-7
Isaiah 12:2-6 or
Psalm 29:1-4, 9-10
1 John 5:1-9 or
Acts 10:34-38

“God has, so to speak, cleansed the gentile people's through the death of Jesus and therefore the door is now open for them to come into communion with the beginning of the new Israel”

"Acts 10 and Baptism in the Early Church" | Brant Pitre |
Mark 1:7-11

“we have what we need, praise God, let it be our will that we will be all that God has ordained us to be”

Saint Katharine Drexel Parish - Boston, MA | Fr. Oscar Pratt | January 10, 2021
Overall Readings

“Jesus became a human being to identify with sinful humanity in order to uplift humanity to the level of righteousness”

Fr. Emmanuel Ochigbo | January 7, 2021

“That's what we need today, people of God, to realize that the promises of our baptism involve participation in God's own spirit and we have to allow ourselves to be brave and to be still”

UACatholic | Fr. John Paul Forté, OP | January 10, 2021

“There's no end to the simple ways that you can be a light to others in our world today. The light of one person may be small but we know it has the potential of growing exponentially.”

Catholic Women Preach | Rachelle Kramer | January 10, 2021