Scripture Reflections for the Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Year C, Lectionary 159

Hate feeling lost on Sundays at church? Searching for a better explanation of the Bible than what you hear from your pastor's sermon? Check out the following collection of audio, video, and text commentaries from various Christian experts for a better understanding of today's scripture that deal with: AdversityChurchCommunityDeathDestructionDiscipleEndEnduranceEternityFaithFearFocusFollowGratefulHoly SpiritHopeIdlenessJusticeListenLoveMartyrPerseverePrepareProphetRecognizeRespondResurrectionRevelationSignSufferingTempleWisdomWork

Malachi 3:19-20
Psalm 98:5-9
2 Thessalonians 3:7-12

“So here Paul has another tradition. It's not a tradition about the second coming of Jesus or the Antichrist or anything like that. Here the tradition is if you're a Christian idleness is not an option for you.”

"St Paul and Idleness" | Brant Pitre |
Luke 21:5-19

“When the end comes...When that time comes don't worry about it if you have been communing with the Lord up until then, amen? Because the time is not a point in the future, it's right now. Right now. We are a people of the Kingdom today.”

Fr. Oscar Pratt |

“the events predicted in today's reading happened long ago and will not happen next month. But if Christ's words still cause consternation, a quickening of your pulse, and amplification of doubt and worry...I encourage you to re-read Jesus's reassuring words and trust their truth”

Jean P. Kelly |

“when the temple was destroyed there was a real sense in which the destruction of the temple Jerusalem symbolized and signified the destruction of the whole universe, the destruction of heaven and earth, the dissolution of the entire cosmos, right? And ultimately then the day of the final judgment.”

"The Siege of Jerusalem" | Brant Pitre |

“Before the final coming of the Son of Man there is a long journey to be faced. It will be marked by suffering and persecution but it will also be marked by the loving and guiding presence of a faithful God.”

"Not a hair of your head will be lost" | Fr. Geoffrey Plant |
Overall Readings

“Perseverance does not mean passive submission to difficulties. It means making something glorious out of problems.”

Fr. Emmanuel Ochigbo |

“this is the problem that Jesus seems to be addressing in the gospel, that things happen and we don't respond well to it...What would Jesus say he would like us to respond? Perseverance, he says.”

Fr. Mark E. Thibodeaux, SJ |

“I came here today to let you know that if Jesus is the author of your faith, he is the finisher of my faith”

"By your perseverance you will secure your lives" | Monsignor Raymond East |

“God is not indifferent or silent before our plea. God is the one who does justice and does not forget.”

Cecilia Espinoza |

“So today is the day for everybody to stop worrying about what somebody else is doing and put yourself in check. Are you ready for when Jesus comes?”

Fr. Tony Ricard |

“the apocalypse hasn't happened yet so the way they and we behave still matters here on earth. Our actions will reveal our commitment to the gospel.”

Katie Lacz |