Scripture Reflections for the Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Year C, Lectionary 72

Hate feeling lost on Sundays at church? Searching for a better explanation of the Bible than what you hear from your pastor's sermon? Check out the following collection of audio, video, and text commentaries from various Christian experts for a better understanding of today's scripture that deal with: AcceptBaptismBlessingBoundaryChallengeChangeCooperateEndureFaithGatherGraceHistoryHopeJealousJusticeLightLimitLoveMissionProphetRejectSalvationSightSufferingTransformationUnity

Jeremiah 1:4-5, 17-19
Psalm 71:1-6, 15, 17
Luke 4:21-30
"Physician, Heal Yourself" | Brant Pitre |

“that is the key to understanding God's word. God's word is not restricted to its original context and setting. It's always addressed to its listeners in the present moment”

"The hospitality of God" | Fr. Geoffrey Plant |

“God doesn't put up walls or fences or barricades or anything else. My God has open borders for salvation.”

"What A Difference A Day Makes" | Fr. Stephen Thorne |

“each human being has been created in the image and likeness of God. And so, if we cannot limit God we cannot limit one who was created in the image and likeness of God”

Fr. Emmanuel Ochigbo |
Louise Lears, SC |
Overall Readings
Flora x. Tang |
Fr. Tony Ricard |
Fr. Stan Chu Ilo |
Fr. Addisalem Mekonnen |