God the Supplier

Do we recognize that all that we have is thanks to God's generosity?

2 Corinthians 9:10

God supplies all. From the beginning he provides the seed and in the end he provides the bread. All throughout God is generous in life.

So how can we ever boast of our accomplishments? Was it not God’s accomplishment all along? The gifts we were born with are God’s. As are what we become and make of our talents.

We must understand that all our achievements are simply God working through us. To deny this would be to mistake our role to God. And there is nothing wrong with admitting God’s generosity.

We are meant to grasp the full compassion, gift, care God has for us. To see how much we are loved and hopefully return that love to God and others.

Let us not grasp for the credit in our works because that is to assume we are God. Adam and Eve grasped for that which belongs to God. Let us not continue this sin.

What can we identify as something good we did today? Can we understand how God worked through us to make it possible? Can we see that we are loved by God? To God be the glory.

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