Reverence to God

What are the ways we can humble ourselves more and more as we approach God?

Genesis 32:31

Jacob saw God’s face but still lived. Jacob recognizes that even though God was very personal with him, God is still divine. That we as humans are not equal to God.

We should feel comfortable speaking and approaching God. God became human to meet us at our level. Jesus continues to walk and talk with us. Having a relationship with Jesus can be very intimate.

However, there also needs to be times where we acknowledge Jesus’ divinity. Where we are in awe and fear of God’s power, love, and purity. God the creator of everything is incomprehensible to us.

Have we humbled ourselves when we approach God? Do we recognize holy ground and remove our sandals like Moses? Do we fear and be left in awe when Jesus calms the storm?

Let us take a moment to realize God is God and we are not. Can we kneel in prayer if we haven’t before? Or create a time and place dedicated to God in our homes?

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