Servants of Christ

Are we truly ready to welcome Jesus when he appears to us in our daily lives?

Luke 12:37

Jesus instructs us to always be ready to receive God. That we should be alert for his coming and be in the middle of doing God’s work. We should always be living out our faith in Christ. Spreading the love of Jesus and proclaiming Jesus always with our words and lives.

Being a Christian is not a label or title. It is a way of living for Christ. We do not stop waiting on Jesus to lead us in our everyday lives. Being called to follow Jesus we are transformed from living for ourselves to living for God. We wait on God to lead us in how to live every aspect of our lives.

So if we are always on alert for Jesus to come to us, are we open to Jesus being present in people we encounter? If someone is in need of clothes can we see Jesus in that person? If someone asks us for food can we see Jesus in that person? Can we see that maybe Jesus, the master, has arrived into our lives through such people. Are we being vigilant and doing God’s work by feeding and clothing the people in need?

Let us expand our understanding of Jesus arriving to us. Let us start to see God in the brothers and sisters we encounter daily. And if we claim to be servants of God let us always be alert in caring, loving, and accompanying those in need. For how terrible it is for us to not care for Jesus when he comes to us. To be asleep, unattentive or dismissive. How wrong we must be to think we are servants of Christ.

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