Amazed at God, But Why?

Why are our expectations of God so low when God is almighty?

Mark 12:17

People were amazed at Jesus. People were amazed at God. But why were they amazed? Today’s reading suggests that God exceeded their expectations. As God always will.

But the Pharisees and Herodians were approaching God from a testing point. They were challenging his authority hoping to minimize Jesus. Shame to them but how often do we also treat God the same?

When we hear of God’s truth and laws do we downplay their merit? How often do we say they do not pertain to us? When Jesus calls us to love, forgive, and help our neighbor do we ignore his call?

In all cases, God’s truth will ultimately win out. Sooner or later we will realize that God cannot be ignored. And when God replies to our human arguments we will be left amazed.

Let us make sure that when we are amazed it is out of humility. And not because we were expecting to minimize God, only to be proven we cannot limit God. Let’s take time today to reflect on areas where we’re downplaying God’s word in our lives.

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