God Over Enemy

Are our lives reflecting the divisiveness of the devil or the loving gathering of God?

Matthew 13:25

The enemy came to disrupt God’s work. The enemy came in secret. While others rested. Most likely in the dark. In the end, what God plants grows and is not stopped.

The works of the enemy are in dark seeking to divide and disrupt God’s work. The enemy lives in isolation and doesn’t tend to what was planted. We followers of God must stay away from such activity. We are of light, unity, and gathering. Working with God for the world.

Where in our day can we reflect God rather than the enemy? Our words can break someone down if we gossip or insult them. But what if we encourage and compliment people so that we can uplift them?

What wrongful activities are we doing in secrecy hoping no one will notice so that we can continue doing them? As followers of Christ we must walk out of the darkness and into the light of God. Let us no longer hide in the dark but shine in the light. Let God’s harvest flourish!

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