Responding to Jesus

Do we have enough faith to respond to God's call to us?

Matthew 13:58

Jesus reached out to people and they rejected God. Jesus taught about God but they were unwilling to listen and see. So with little faith present Jesus did not work many mighty deeds. How unfortunate.

How unfortunate that we sometimes can’t get past what our eyes think they see or mind knows. Although God is revealing divine matters we are just looking at the human interpretation. And without responding to God’s revelation there can be no faith.

Faith involves our cooperation with God. If we shut off God with our lack of faith then God cannot work through and with us. God will not force obedience on us. We are lovingly given choice.

The fact that Jesus was able to perform some deeds shows that there must have been at least one person with faith. One person who opened themselves up to God. And sometimes that is all we can do. Be that person who responds.

Let us focus today on listening to God’s word. Let us remove any presumption we may bring and be open to God’s message. Let us believe what Jesus is calling us to do that God may work mighty deeds through us.

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