Changing for God

Are we lying to ourselves that we have no sin and refusing to repent?

Matthew 22:12

At the wedding feast the king asked a guest how they arrived without the proper clothing. That is to say, God is asking us how could we get to heaven without having changed ourselves? Since we start from a point of sin we need to follow Jesus to arrive at the feast that is heaven. But along the way we need to change our habits and let go of our old selves.

We are all on a journey to heaven but we must be willing to mature in our faith and stop our sinful habits. If we are still holding on to sinful habits from before, how can we say that we are following Jesus? We must be able to look back today and see a change in our behavior of how Christ is working in us more now than before.

The king, God, asked the guest about the truth. But the guest not living out God’s truth cannot respond. God, being truth, confronts us and if we are not living and being the truth of God then we are left unable to say anything. We are reduced to being speechless, in silence, and to nothing. We cannot lie to Truth. We cannot lie to God.

While we can make excuses to ourselves and others, we cannot do so with God. We cannot bargain or trick God into accepting our lies. If we are not living holy, we cannot say that we are. What part of our lives can we identify today where we are excusing our behavior but claiming to be followers of Christ? Can we begin to repent of our actions and face God’s truth and ask for forgiveness? Let us stop trying to hide or trick God of our sins but change ourselves for the great feast we are invited to.

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