Seek Jesus for a Cure

Do we believe in the healing power of Jesus to journey towards God?

Matthew 4:24

Once people heard about Jesus’ healing abilities many came bringing their illness for a cure. No matter how serious the illness may have been, the people believed in Jesus enough to come from far away. And the more people talked about how Jesus was able to cure their sickness, the more other people wanted to be cured as well.

How are we continuing attracting people to Jesus? Before, people were coming to Jesus simply for a physical cure. But now we are aware of Jesus’ divinity and how Jesus offers us much more than physical relief. Jesus offers us spiritual healing.

Have we ourselves experienced the healing, physical or spiritual, Jesus offers? Have we approached Jesus with our issues for Jesus to cure us of what is hurting?

If we have not come to Jesus is it because no one has told us of a Jesus or because we ourselves don’t believe? We may rely on ourselves or other people to resolve our issues and never take it to God in prayer. In this way we value the guidance of human intellect instead of the guidance of God.

Once we heard of the healing power of Jesus, can we make the journey to him? That journey may be to go into a deep spiritual prayer with God. To open up our innermost pain and issues before God and trust that Jesus will heal us.

We also need to be vocal to the world about Jesus. We must let others know of the salvation Jesus offers and not just keep it for ourselves. We have to be intentional in letting others who are ill to know about Jesus.

Let us be encouraged by the people who sought Jesus for a cure. Let us as well seek Jesus in prayer to cure us of all that holds us back from God. May we make that journey and trust in Jesus to liberate us.

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