Focused on God, Not Suffering

If our priority is on ourselves instead of God why do we think we can endure suffering?

Romans 8:18

What do we value more: God or other things less than God? Do we seek self-pleasure or the love that is God? Are we by our actions valuing life, God being the true source of life, or by rejecting God are we rejecting life? Our view on suffering will depend on how we prioritize God.

If we don’t have God as our focus then the pains and struggles that come in our lifetime will be hard to bear. We can easily become consumed by the suffering we are enduring. But when we have God first in our lives then nothing else matters but doing God’s will. We live our lives on mission to spread the Good News and be a light for the world.

We go through our days seeing ways we can spread the love of God into a world deprived of it. In this way, we don’t mind that we have not rested in a while, or that we missed a train or bus, or if something we had planned gets canceled. Because our priority is finding ways to reflect God in any situation.

So if one of our appointments gets canceled, we do not stress about it because our end goal is not the appointment. Our focus can shift into what we can do in the present. Where we can now have time for someone else who may need to feel God’s love through us. If we missed catching a bus, maybe now we can use this time to form a relationship with someone waiting at the bus stop.

In all cases, we are working for the glory of God. To bring God’s kingdom into this world. To be God’s instruments to have God’s will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. So that is why we look past all the pains of this present time and endure all sufferings and look towards the glory of God. Awaiting to better experience God as we enter into a richer communion with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

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