Invite Others to Jesus

Are we passionate in our love for Jesus so that others are attracted as well?

John 1:46

Philip was telling others of Jesus whom he experienced and decided to follow. He accepted Jesus’ invitation to walk with him and wanted to share his faith with Nathanael. Although Philip was passionate, all he could really do was invite Nathanael to see for himself.

As Philip evangelized, we too are meant to share our passion for Christ to others. We are meant to extend the invitation to everyone to get to know Jesus as we have. We aren’t just highlighting our knowledge of Jesus but also our relationship with Jesus.

Yet, that is the most we can do. Just offer an invitation. We cannot force or trick anyone to experience God. We must allow them to choose to approach Jesus. As we decided to nurture our relationship with Jesus, so too must others make that decision.

The question for us today is how strong is our relationship with Jesus? Are we sharing our passion for Jesus to our close companions? We are blessed to have been invited to experience Jesus. Can we reciprocate that gift to others as well?

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