Don't Worry, Just Follow

Is our concern on loving Christ or being envious of others?

John 21:22

Jesus is leading Peter. As is God leading us his followers to this very day. And just like Peter how often are we worrying about others?

Do we begin concerning about other followers of Christ? Peter turned his attention from Jesus and that is where all our failures begin. When even in our following behind Jesus we lose our focus.

Yes, we may go to Mass on Sundays and do other acts that show our steps following behind Jesus but we can still lose focus of Jesus. This can come in the form of concerning ourselves with others.

Maybe some new members joined the choir. A new family is now attending Mass and possibly taken our pew or seat. Whatever the situation may be, these other disciples are also following Jesus but we turn our attention on them.

It’s not to say we shouldn’t care for others but we shouldn’t let envy begin to enter our hearts. Perhaps Peter was assuming he would be the exclusive communicator with Jesus and was hesistant to allow anyone else with such privilege? Do we also have this unwelcoming attitude towards others?

But God operates in unity with others. So as much as we may want things all for ourselves our approach should be of inclusivity rather of hoarding. This love can only come from Jesus and to maintain this we need to listen to his words. Jesus advises us to not worry about such matters and more importanlty continue following him.

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