Liberty to Follow

After all the healing Jesus is doing on us, are we turning our attention to God?

Mark 10:52

A person with an illness begged Jesus for a cure and Jesus complied without any conditions. Jesus simply sent the cured individual with the command “go.” In this instance there is no direct instruction on where to go to.

The formerly blind person could have gone home. Gone to the Temple. Gone to his family. God constantly repairs us from our illnesses even when we don’t realize or appreciate it. And like Bartimaeus the son of Timaeus we are given the liberty to go our own way.

Bartimaeus chose to follow Jesus after his healing. He did not need to hear an explicit instruction of where to go. Bartimaeus may not have had sight beforehand but now that he does he can see Jesus clearly. And that is the only path he sees he needs to go. Jesus is the way.

Let us like Bartimaeus follow Jesus today upon realizing the healing God has provided and continues to provide for us. Whether it was spiritual, physical, or mental healing (maybe all) lets take time today to notice God’s healing power. And then let us consider if we did follow behind Jesus immediately afterwards.

Or did we stray elsewhere? If we did or did not, lets make it our focus to see Jesus as the way, the truth, and the life and go walking right behind like Bartimaeus.

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