Jesus Over Everything

Can we let go of our desires for wealth and riches in order to hold on to God?

Matthew 19:21

A rich young man asked Jesus what he needs to do to have eternal life. There was one simple answer that Jesus provided. Hold on to Jesus. Hold on to God to have life.

God is the source of all life. To be without God is to be without life. Although it may seem that we can live without God, we are actually withering away the longer we stray from God.

So to ask for eternal life is to merely ask for God. And in Jesus we have a direct access to God. But in order to follow, hold, and cling to Jesus we need to let go of everything that is holding us down. This is what Jesus suggests to the man; to let go of his possessions so he can be free to hold Jesus.

Are we like the man worrying about the things we are losing in following God? Are we putting too much value on money, possessions, and ego to see the greater value of Jesus? Let us not miss the most important part of Jesus’ response: “follow me.”

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